How the KiteFoil World Series ranking works


Events To Count

For every ranking, the results of all 3-6 star events are counted plus one more 1 or 2 star event (if any). This encourages participation in new, smaller venues that may develop into full 3-6 star events.


Individual Rankings

The star grading determines the multiplicator for the ranking points.

The winner of an event gets 100 points, the second 99 points, the third 98 points etc, multiplied by the star grading. For example:

  • The winner of a 3 star event gets 300 points
  • The second place of a 4 star event gets 396 points (99 points x 4)
  • The fifth place of a 2 star event gets 192 points (96 points x 2)

Separate Womens's, Youth (U19) and Master / Grandmaster rankings are calculated by simple extraction from the overall individual rankings


Industry Rankings

The points of the best male and female competitor of a brand are added together as the manufacturer's score.

Separate rankings are maintained for kite and hydrofoil manufacturers.

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